The client journey

While every client’s situation is unique, we find that working through a careful planning process helps us achieve better outcomes. Here’s what you can typically expect at each stage of the journey.



This first stage is all about getting to know you. We’ll find out more about your existing assets, arrangements and liabilities, so we can build a clear picture of your current financial circumstances. We’ll also delve deeper into your goals for the future and what you’d like to achieve. This initial meeting is at no cost to you and usually takes around an hour.



If you’re happy for us to work together, we’ll go away and research your requirements. We’ll analyse your current financial arrangements and explore how we could improve upon them in line with your goals. We will compile a recommendation report based on our findings, which will form the basis of your financial plan.



Once we’ve completed our research, we will meet again to present our recommendations. We’ll talk them through with you in detail and explain what we think and why. Of course, you’ll have the chance to ask questions and give your feedback – we want you to be fully on board. The aim is that by the end of this stage, you will have your own personalised financial plan.



If you’re happy to proceed, we will go ahead and put your financial plan into action. We’ll take care of everything associated with this (including all the paperwork) and will keep you regularly updated on your plan’s progress.



It’s important that we regularly review your financial plan to ensure it still meets your needs. We will ideally meet at least once a year to review your situation and make any changes we need to, so you can be confident that you stay on track.

Our fees

When it comes to fees, we believe in two key things: fairness and transparency. Every client relationship is unique, and we don’t do “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Instead, our fees and services are structured in a way that reflects your requirements – so we can provide better value while keeping things simple.

Free initial meeting

Your first meeting is always held at our expense. This means we can see if we’re a good fit before you commit to anything.

No hidden charges

We’ll always discuss our costs with you before we commence any work, so there will be no nasty surprises along the way.