Lee has brought me peace of mind and has given me confidence in my financial future.


Hi, my name is Denise Lee and I met Lee Kirven in the summer of 2017.

I got in touch with Lee specifically because I had a number of different pension pots. I wasn’t sure how much was in them or how they were doing. I was coming up to my mid-50s and decided I needed to stop burying my head in the sand and find out exactly what was happening with my pension and when I could retire.

I had various pension pots. They were all in quite traditional companies, which I knew could be quite inflexible when you come to draw on a pension. I knew I needed to sort something out for all the different pots I had. I also had two final salary pensions, which I’d always been told to leave well alone. Was that still the case? I hadn’t paid much into the final salary pensions so I didn’t know what was right. I just wanted to know how well the pots were doing. And would I be able to retire on a decent salary? Or would I have to work for another few years?

I heard about Enhance and Lee Kirven from my brother-in-law.

I was impressed from the very first meeting, as he’d done an awful lot of work collating the information that I’d sent him. He presented me with a really well laid out and detailed analysis of my current situation. More importantly, he gave me some interesting insights into my future financial situation.

Working with him, I feel that my money is really safe in his hands, and I trust him implicitly. He worked really hard to gain that trust, by just being himself, to be honest, and I feel really lucky to be working with him.

I was terrified of retiring. I thought I was going to retire and be very poor, or I’d be working for years and years. But now having worked with Lee, he’s helped me to feel quite confident about my finances and that’s a huge weight off my mind.

I found Lee to be very pragmatic and honest in his approach. He’s not pushy, but gives information and suggestions with a balanced approach. If he offers a suggestion, he’ll mention the good things about it but also some of the not-so-good things. What that does, for me, is enable me to make the best decision for me, as opposed to feeling like I’m being pushed down one route or another.

He’s also taken into account my psychological needs about finance, what I feel comfortable with and what I feel safe with. And because he understands that, he never puts pressure on me to do anything. He listens, he suggests things and then he just leaves me to come back and ask lots of questions. I just find that he’s just great at throwing questions or suggestions in and then leaving me to think about it and letting me come back to him. That’s what’s great about working with him.

I would recommend Lee and I have done so to about eight people. Quite a few of these people are still with Lee now. I would recommend him because I trust him implicitly and I like how he works, and I would never recommend somebody I didn’t trust.