Andy King

I trust Enhance and I know Lee has my best interests at heart.


My name is Andy King. I have been working with Enhance for between five to six years and my advisor is Lee Kirven.

I got in touch with Enhance initially because I had a number of pensions and wanted them all pulled together in an efficient way, with the objective of being able to see when I could retire early.

I initially heard about Enhance through one of these Trusted People websites, so it really was cold-calling. I was then contacted by Lee, and over a period of about three months, we had many conversations, and slowly but surely I learned to trust not just him, but his judgement as well.

I did look into other firms, but what impressed me about Lee was the fact that he was very knowledgeable, which you’d expect, but he was also very trustworthy. I felt that he had my interests at heart rather than his own.

One of the things I wanted is for my children to understand how to invest as well. So, one of the things that he’s done is actually build a small investment portfolio for them, so that they have communication with him now, so that I can pass that on as time goes on. It’s been incredibly useful because it’s starting to teach them as younger people about the value of investing early.

The three words I would use to describe Lee are open, trustworthy, and reliable.

I trust Lee, and I trust the organisation. And I think that one of the key things I get from it is regular peace of mind. Because, shall we say, we’ve had a traumatic few years, to put it mildly, in terms of investment portfolios. But at least for the moment, I’m pretty comfortable. I’m quite an active investor, and do look at our portfolio quite regularly. But I feel pretty comfortable that it’s in good hands.

I guess the proof of the pudding is in the eating with regards to my financial future. My key aim was to look at when I could retire and I’ve recently retired early.

A key thing about Lee, for me, is his personality, and his being backed up by Enhance. He’s available if I need to talk to him, and I can get in touch with him. And again, I always get the impression that he’s looking after my interests rather than his own.

The best single piece of advice he’s been able to give me was to look at a pension that I had and see how much my company would offer me for that pension. It was a significant amount. That’s the thing that got me to the point where I could retire early.

I’d definitely recommend Lee and Enhance, as I think there’s a trustworthy element there. They are constantly available. They are useful in being able to represent my interests, and I actually think that I do very well from them as a result.